Reviews & testimonials

Media testimonials:

Intriguing lives and lasting resting places are documented in the fascinating Grave Tales.

Grantlee Keiza, Sunday Mail, News Ltd.

What they’ve uncovered is like something out of a movie.

Chris Smith, 2GB/4BC, Macquarie Media

A fascinating topic as this book shows with its tales of deadly disease, murder, tragedy and loss.

Troy Lennon, Daily Telegraph, Sydney

A rollicking read.

Sarah Harris, Studio 10

Ever considered the stories of those who have been buried beneath our feet? Two Brisbane journalists have done the work for you, uncovering some of the fascinating stories behind the headstones.

Jacob Roebuck, ABC Radio Brisbane.

Hanging around cemeteries is weird but Brisbane journalists Helen Goltz and Chris Adams have their reasons… Namely their new book Grave Tales, which tells the fascinating stories behind the headstones.

Phil Brown, Arts Editor, The Courier-Mail

You see headstones and wonder about that person; this is a conduit to their lives. A great read.

Pete Hill, 96.5 radio

The headstones seldom tell the story or the historic event that led to their demise – but Helen and Chris do. Together, they have the perfect mix of skills for the task.

Dorothy Whittington, editor, Your Time

Promises a dose of fascinating local history, a hint of mystery and a range of stories that trace the path of some of the city’s residents to their final resting places.

Michelle Beesley, She Society

Journalists Helen Goltz and Chris Adams bring to life the remarkable stories locked in Australia’s cemeteries. Grantlee Keiza, Sunday Mail, News Ltd.

Readers’ thoughts:

They may be buried in cemeteries… but they are being remembered years after their demise.

Helen Holdey, Brighton

I was enthralled with the stories and read them all in one sitting. Just in the past two weeks, I have completed the quest of finding and visiting all the graves in the book. 

Sue Hart

If I buy only one book this year, it will be Grave Tales.

Michael Wouters, Cootharaba